“Education is what survives when a man has forgotten all he has been taught.”
B. Frederic Skinner


ABA 4 LOVE ❤️ is a team dedicated to training future behavior therapists (Registered Behavior Technician, RBT). We offer them a complete and quality preparation and guidance step by step until obtaining their certification as RBT. We provide continuous supervision; we help them prepare and search for job options. ABA 4 LOVE’s mission is to raise the quality of RBTs that provide Apply Behavior Analysis services (ABA therapies) and thus help families in need.


Our Team Lead Yaima Larin, BCBA Her favorite phrase is: “Kindness costs nothing but means everything.” -Unknown 💖 Helping people is her passion, especially kiddos, because she believes that kids are the future of our society. Yaima is a dedicated professional with over 18 years of experience working with children with ASD, ODD, ADHD, and other disorders. Master of Psychological Development in Childhood and Adolescence, Master’s Program on ABA Intervention in Autism and Developmental Disorders, and Board Certify Behavior Analyst are some of her titles and certificates. Yaima started working with children when she was 18 years old, inspired by her mom, a specialist in Psychology, Defecthology, Speech therapist, and special-needs teacher with more than 40 years of experience. Yaima is also a mother of two kids and a wife with a big family; she dedicated herself to the special-needs kid’s community. Yaima founded ABA 4 LOVE with the only comment of spreading the science of Applied Behavior Analysis and thus contributing to the social acceptance, NO ONLY of individuals with special needs and those families that need to handle behavior problems.

Meet Our Team

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